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A photo of a boy taking a South Indian goose for a walk in a herd 1987


The studio I worked for at the age of 23 went bankrupt.
I thought this was a good opportunity, so I bought a camera and 300 films.
I packed it in the back and went to India to shoot.

Everything I see is so intense that I can’t do anything for the first few days and spend a lot of time.

As I got used to it, I felt the human power that I had never seen before.
What is it? I keep taking pictures of the people I meet while thinking.

I learned the strong vitality and attraction of human beings here in India.

A portrait of a lively male Indian, 1987
A boy with eyesight, a portrait of an Indian, a work of 1987
A boy with an eye-catching eye, a portrait of an Indian, a work from 1987

Both adults and children
Only people with inhaled eyes.

"Boy, Indian portrait, 1987 work "
A girl who gives off cuteness and embarrassment. Indian portrait, 1987 work
Nice family-Portrait of Indians-1987 work

Daily routine

Wake up in the morning and eat for breakfast and lunch.

After that, take a rickshaw (bicycle taxi) and
Ask them to run 5 rupees as they like.

Have them drop off when they run 5 rupees.
After that, I take pictures while walking toward the inn.

It was a daily routine at that time.

A young man relaxing in the house, a portrait of an Indian, a work of 1987
A sexy boy, a portrait of an Indian, a work of 1987

Natural body

I wonder if the true natural body is like this ...
Father of kindness and melancholy, portrait of an Indian, 1987 work
A latent father, a portrait of an Indian, a work of 1987
Gentle old man
Relaxing Rikusha driver, snap portrait 1987 work
Children who look curiously. Indian portrait, 1987 work
A philosophical portrait of a sitting Indian, 1987 work
A boy with clear eyes. Indian portrait, 1987 work
1987 work of Snap Portrait around Calcutta Market, India

Reverse dejavu

After I was 50 years old, I started dreaming about this photo from time to time.

Indian 1987 work


In India, there are many moments when people synchronize with the landscape.

Photograph of an old woman walking in a large farm in Pondicherry, South India, 1987 work

the next day

After taking this photo, it was hit by heavy rain.
It continues to fall until dawn.

It rained in the afternoon, and when I went there again, it turned into a lake.
Auntie, I wonder if it was okay …
I was worried for a moment.

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