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Since he was a student at a photography school, he has published photographs in various fields. In 1991, he visited one day when he met Cuba, and his feelings made him visit many times after that.

Published his first photo book in 1996 from "MARIPOSA ... Mariposa" (written by Ryu Murakami) T2 Publishing, and held his first solo exhibition with the same title in the same year. Articles were published in numerous newspapers and magazines, including the Asahi Shimbun Feuilleton, and attracted a lot of attention. After that, he went to Brazil, and after several years, he is planning a photo book "Oh'~ samba (tentative title)" centered on Rio de Janeiro. As a culmination, in December 2000, a large photo exhibition in Cuba and Brazil, which had been taken for many years, was held at Shinjuku Park Hyatt 2F and 3F under the title of "Thoughts for Latin".

On Sky Perfect TV's Travel Channel (ch.277), he will be the navigator and will introduce the fascinating spots of Cuba from the photographer's eyes for two hours in the first part and the second part under the title "Man fascinated by Latin". As a leading person who expresses the charm of Cuba through photography, he continues to shoot.
Not limited to Cuban photographs, he has been actively involved in photographs of people, and has published a large number of talent and actress photo books.
In addition, still life photography such as catalogs is also done with original expressions.
Portrait of old American car and model in Cuba cityscape



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