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Kimiko Ikegami

Kimiko Ikegami, old willow tree, Ushiwakamaru-1

Kimiko Ikegami

Kimiko Ikegami is a Japanese actress and talent.
Born in New York, USA and raised in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

Her grandfather is Kabuki actor Bando Mitsugoro 8th, her uncle is Bando Mitsugoro 9th, and her cousin is Bando Mitsugoro 10th.

1984 “Youkiro” 7th Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Leading Actress
1989 “Hana no Ran” 12th Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress

Photobook “Active” was taken in New York, Hokkaido and Hakone.

Dresses and kimonos in New York range from traditional to contemporary I felt the overwhelming energy emitted by the actress.
I will introduce it from the photo book.

Kimiko Ikegami, New York, Brooklyn-2

Kimiko Ikegami, who is dressy and sunny in New York, feels the beginning of an exciting party.

Kimiko Ikegami, New York, Downtown

A person who looks good in New York.
A person who looks good in red.

Kimiko Ikegami with American Flag
Kimiko Ikegami, beautiful profile

The appeal from the inside is very strong.

Kimiko Ikegami, New York, water tank
Kimiko Ikegami, New York, Rooftop
Kimiko Ikegami, making hair

The moment when you suddenly lose your temper is also attractive.

Kimiko Ikegami ・ Between shooting

One frame during a break. A person who becomes a picture no matter what she does.

Kimiko Ikegami ・ A moment
Kimiko Ikegami, New York, White Coat
Kimiko Ikegami, Kimono, Monochrome
Kimiko Ikegami wearing a kimono

Traditional kimono. The moment when breathing still turns into Japanese.

Kimiko Ikegami, old willow tree, Ushiwakamaru-1
Kimiko Ikegami, old willow tree, Ushiwakamaru-2

Yanagi no Mai

An old willow tree that is unlikely.
I heard that it is in Hokkaido I will go to Hokkaido for this one-shot film.

This kimono, which is worn like Junihitoe, is from before the Edo period, and I will use a special one that is strictly prohibited from being taken out by a certain movie company.

Ushiwakamaru overlapped with Ms. Ikegami during the shooting.

Shooting while feeling the brilliance of a boy while being beautiful and bewitching.

According to a story I heard from a human being, this tree is currently absent due to a typhoon?

Kimiko Ikegami, old willow tree, Ushiwakamaru-3
Kimiko Ikegami ・ Recollection by the window
Kimiko Ikegami / Namida-1

This day’s shooting was from Ms. Ikegami “Because I look back on my entertainment life (30 years) by the window Take that …”

Shooting begins

A strong aura from the back of Ms. Ikegami …
The next moment, a tear in Mr. Ikegami’s eyes …
This person does not stop when the switch is turned on.

Kimiko Ikegami, the night view of New York

New York at this time should be foggy For some reason, this day is a clear night.

Taken softly in a sharp night view.

Kimiko Ikegami, the night view of New York-2
Kimiko Ikegami, a suburb of New York

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