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Eri Nitta

Eri Nitta / Kirimanjaro

In 1985, member number 4 of the Onyanko Club. With the debut song “Don’t take off your sailor suit” Selected as a front member, he has since gained popularity as the “face” of the Onyanko Club.

On January 1, 1986, he made his solo debut with the single “Winter Opera Glass” and
ranked No. 1 on the Oricon chart for the first time.

Since then, he has been writing as an actress, writer, and essayist.

Photographed “JUMBO” in Kenya, Africa.

Initially, I was planning to shoot in Vietnam, but while talking to him, I found out that it was my dream to go to Kenya, and I asked the publisher to approve it. Match her laid back personality with the land of Africa.

Eri Nitta / Black Costume-1
Eri Nitta / Black Costume-2
In the morning in Africa, green also has a strong vitality.
Eri Nitta in the woods
Barefoot feels good!!
African giraffes
Eri Nitta, bare feet
Eri Nitta on Jeep
Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere ... Equator
Eri Nitta / Equator
Eri Nitta / Hemp Tree
Eri Nitta / Masai Village
Masai dusk
Eri Nitta Wedding
"She wants to wear a wedding dress in Africa"

I think that this tree will be the point from a distance and drive a car.
I named this tree Eri-chan's tree.
With Eri Nitta and Flamingo
The background is 100,000 flamingos
Eri Nitta / Lake
Eri Nitta One Piece
Eri Nitta / Smile 3
Eri Nitta / Smile 1
Eri Nitta / Smile 2
Eri Nitta / Wild Statue Back
On the last day of the location, I encountered a herd of elephants.
Both I and Eri were waiting for this moment.

African lion parent and child
Eri Nitta / Cottage
Eri Nitta at the cottage sofa
The sunset is magnificent. 
The Asahi is fantastic.
Eri Nitta ・ In the morning sun
Eri Nitta / Kirimanjaro
Eri Nitta / Kirimanjaro-2

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