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Dancing Cuba 02 “Airport in the Disco”

From Cuba Photobook Mariposa (Swimsuit model)

Photographs and texts by Masahiro Komachi

(This manuscript was serialized in 2001.

It is posted as it is to give a sense of reality at that time)

Weekly Jarful Series 2nd

-Airport in the disco-

“It’s a scenery I’ve seen somewhere …”

I came across a feeling different from Deja Vu.

At that time (around 1993), I went to visit Cayo Largo Island, where Cuba is focusing on tourism, from Havana.

At that time, I had a girlfriend I met in Cuba.

Her name is Janacey. Right in the middle of Cuba

A 22-year-old girl from Centro Cuba.

Latin in a slender style that looks great on jeans

She had a crisp buttocks like a female of the system.

Also, the big black eyes were impressive.

When I laugh, I always show a smile like no other.

I got acquainted by chance

I became friends as I hit it off.

For exchanges in unfamiliar Spanish

I was thrilled. I wonder what you’re saying

When I looked up the dictionary curiously, I found that there was nothing else to do …

While I’ve been to Cuba several times

I started dating Janacey

Because I want to know her more

I invited her to Cayo Largo Island to spend their time.

The plane to the island was used as a military aircraft until recently …

When taking off, the cabin makes white smoke and turns white

turn into. “Hey, are you okay?”

While telling myself, when I look next to me

There was a girlfriend who was laughing at all.

To her who behaves cheerfully at any time

I felt a Latin woman and was attracted to me.

Rather than that, she’s through a small window

He just pointed to the scenery he could see and said “how”.

Cayo Largo Island was wonderful because it was located in the Caribbean Sea.

Because of my work, I often go to the southern islands.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures on white sand beaches,

The sand here on Cayo Largo Island is still the finest


I’m cleaning the camera after shooting

At this time, the sand has entered so far

It’s packed tightly to the point where it’s not there

I remember being surprised.

With 100% Latin Janacey

When I arrived at the airport on Cayo Largo Island, I heard the beat of salsa.

When I looked sideways, she suddenly started dancing.

This kind of all-participation dance

It is found in everyday life in Cuba.

In Japan, the performer, as an audience

Often separated from the viewer.

In Cuba, there is no distinction between the performer and the viewer.

She’s very exciting when she’s dancing

Shake your hips and look very comfortable again,

Moreover, it is splendid.

My heart looking at it also begins to dance.

“Really!”. This was one of the reasons I was absorbed in this country.

The days on Cayo Largo Island were dazzlingly a paradise.

People in this country often have nothing.

Due to the influence of the economic blockade, it has only the minimum necessary items.

When I invited Janacey to Cayo Largo Island

Her baggage was about the size of a convenience store bag.

It was 3 nights and 4 days, but I was surprised at the small amount of luggage.

I had a conversation like this on the way.

“What kind of swimsuit do you wear?”

She said quickly.

“Be more interested in the contents of the swimsuit than in the swimsuit!”

It was too straightforward to hit the mark. At such times

I usually live in a place full of things

I feel merciless.

Cubans know to have fun.

I know even if I don’t have anything.

I went to a disco with her on the last night.

While I was dancing, I was always curious about the place.

I didn’t feel like I saw it somewhere,

I couldn’t remember, and when I went to the airport to go home the next day,

Finally the mystery was solved.

The identity of the disco was the airport.

When I first arrived at the airport, it was daytime, and it was bright.

Ruku, I didn’t understand.

When I hurriedly looked at the signboard at the airport, I got along well there.

With AEROPUERTO (airport)


Was written. In this country

Will the airport be a disco too!

What a wonderful person!

© 2006-2024 Masahiro Komachi, All Rights Reserved.