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Dancing Cuba 03 “Hungry Spirit”

Cuban boxing boy

Photographs and texts by Masahiro Komachi

(This manuscript was serialized in 2001.

It is posted as it is to give a sense of reality at that time. )

Weekly Jarful Series 3rd

-Hungry spirit-

“This will definitely get stronger.”

This guy is the boy in this picture.

I dare to say this guy

One of my favorite photos I’ve been taking in Cuba.

Because I’m a big fan of this boy.

The country of Cuba is always noticed as the Olympics approach.

At last year’s Sydney Olympics, he was the ninth-largest medal-winning country in the world.

Perhaps it is the largest in the world in terms of population (by the way, Cuba has a population of 11 million).

Earlier, I visited a boxing gym in Havana.

It appears in the manga “Ashita no Joe”

It was just like Tange Jim.

The mat on the ring looks very stiff, just with a blanket on the veneer board.

The number of sandbags is also limited,

Instead, a lot of dump tires were hung.

At the gym, as if you were obsessed with something, Sand

Sweat in bagging and shadow boxing

There were a lot of people who were shedding.

Among them, I was interested in other things

It looks very light compared to people Hitting a punching bag

It was his appearance.

On the floor, which would be made of cement,

It bounces lightly like a trampoline

I was surprised at the strength of his spring.

When you notice, you’re crazy about the shutter

I was cutting myself.

Boxing in Cuba is awesome.

From Japan to Boxing Gym

I heard that shooting coverage will come

Boxing Jim O OB strong man,

Weightlifting alumni also rushed in.

When I release the shutter while talking to them a little

“In the past, Japan was a boxing powerhouse, but what happened these days? Why?”

I’m not a boxing expert

I can’t say for sure,

It ’s often said that

Because the hungry spirit has faded

I sold the words and answered so.

Then they asked, “Why don’t you eat rice?”

And said

“We are all hungry now.”



“Since all Cubans are now hungry,

I dare not use the word spirit. “

The face of the man who said

It looked like a dub with the representative boxer Guts Ishimatsu.

He must have been Hungry, not his spirit.

By the way, when I interviewed him in the photo after shooting, he said.

“I haven’t had breakfast yet. I’m hungry …”

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