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Dancing Cuba 08 “Nishimoto”

Havana, Cuba Evening Malecon
Photographs and texts by Masahiro Komachi
(This manuscript was serialized in 2001.
It is posted as it is to give a sense of reality at that time. )
Weekly Jarful Series 8th


Suddenly I was struck by a voice on the street.
When Japanese people are walking in the streets of Cuba,
It is almost always called like this.
Cino means Chinese in Spanish,
About 1% of Chinese Cubans in Cuba
Live and they are also called.
When I was a kid, when there were foreigners in the neighborhood of my house,
I remember saying "Foreigner! Foreigner!"
He said he wasn't ill at all.
Cubans will surely make a voice with the same feeling
It's probably coming.
When I'm hanging out in Havana, with an interesting Japanese
I became acquainted.
His name is N and he still has a relationship with him.
When I called out to me
There was also a nice wife next door.
The wife was modest and didn't speak anything
I'm just smiling at the story of me and Mr. N.
He was interested in Cuba earlier than I was
He talked about how he came to live in Havana.
The Cuban dance is wonderful
A smile is good, a view is good
Pursuing only Cuban women,
When I noticed it, I lived there.
His story is straightforward to desire, for a Japanese
I thought it was a rare guy.
A blonde woman who is sometimes backlit and dazzling,
A Latino-specific woman with a raised butt,
A woman who shakes her hips violently ...
I totally agree with it.
He has an old American car running through the streets of Havana
I tried to export to Japan and failed,
It seems that he tried various jobs.
The best thing is about 200 to 300 pairs of cheap sneakers in Miami.
I packed it in a bag and tried to sell it in Cuba,
Found at customs
"You are for business purposes."
"No, I want to wear it all myself."
"Well, then leave only one pair and leave the rest.
If you want to wear other shoes, come here and I'll exchange them for the ones you're wearing. "
It was said that he gave up crying and crying.
"Why do you have big things like sneakers?
Did you bother to bring it in and try to do business? "
I asked, but he didn't answer that question,
"But when you get to it, you're Asian!"
He said while looking sideways at his wife, and seemed to be concerned about time.
I thought I'd go back to the hotel soon,
I said to him, "See you again," and shook hands.
The moment she shook hands with her wife and tried to break up, she
Kiss my cheek,
I said "Adios!"
...... His wife was a genuine Chinese Cuban.

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