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Dancing Cuba 11 – Racism –

Havana, Cuba A pretty girl in the city
Fotografías y textos de Masahiro Komachi
(Este manuscrito fue serializado en 2001.
Se publica tal como está para dar una sensación de realidad en ese momento. )
Serie Jarful semanal 11


Las raíces cubanas actuales son
Es diferente de los descendientes de los pueblos indígenas que han existido durante mucho tiempo.
Hace unos 500 años, cuando Colón descubrió Cuba,
Cerca de 100.000 indios vivían allí,
Todos los españoles han sido masacrados.
Hasta ahora, Cuba no tiene descendientes.
Primero viven los españoles y los esclavos de África
Trae un hombre negro como.
After that, it came under American control, and after the revolution
Joined hands with the former Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Chinese overseas Chinese
I was firmly in Cuba.
As I wrote before, there is no racism in Cuba.
Therefore, it has various skin tones and eye colors.
A fusion is born.
When I visited for the first time, as usual, the old town
It was when I was taking a walk with my camera in one hand.
I was a little tired from hanging around, so behave very well
No, but sit down on the street near Cathedral Square,
I was watching people come and go.
I usually find people in the crowd, even when I'm in Tokyo
I like to look at it.
I'm tired of seeing it in 10 people and 10 colors
Because there isn't.
At that time, with brownish skin beside me,
An old woman with blond hair and blue eyes passed by.
I have never seen such a person
I was stunned and my head went blank and I couldn't speak.
Contrary to the desire to see it again, an old woman
In a blink of an eye, it disappeared into the crowd.
"What was I would?"
Even if I go back to the hotel and have dinner, that person is the head
Cubans of friends who are guiding
I called.
He said over the phone.
"It's Hubbar!"
"No, no. It's Baba, but Baba
I'm not saying "
I was already speaking before he finished speaking.
As usual, even though he is not good at Japanese
I replied without any doubt.
He once again
It's not Baba, it's Huber. "
"What is Hubbar?"
He talks to suppress laughter,
After all I laughed on the way,
I couldn't talk until the end, until I finished listening
It took more than an hour.
Even though it's from the hotel to the city
It doesn't matter. As expected, a person from a Latin country.
By the way ① Rubia is a white blonde
② Trigenya has white black hair
③ Morena is a little more white than white.
④ Hubbar has brown skin, straight hair and blonde hair, and eyes are bluish.
⑤ Mulatto is half black
⑥ Negra is black
... (the numbers have no meaning)
Simply put, they are classified into these 6 types.
By the way, both men and women get tanned in Cuba.
I like
Still Trigenya Tanners and Morena
It's difficult for me to distinguish between ...
Also, the fact that there is no racial discrimination in Cuba
What I clearly felt was that both black men and women
I clearly call myself Negra, Negro
Even half-black people say Murata and Mulatto.
Probably because he lives with confidence in himself.
In Cuba, sports, arts, etc.
The level is extremely high.
I think this has a lot of elements that come from the fusion of races.
If there was racism in Cuba
Was it possible to set the standard so far?・ ・ ・
Además, el hecho de que no exista discriminación racial en Cuba
Lo que sentí claramente fue que tanto los hombres como las mujeres negros
Claramente me llamo Negra, Negro
Incluso la gente medio negra dice Murata y Mulatto.
Probablemente porque vive con confianza en sí mismo.
En Cuba, deportes, artes, etc.
El nivel es extremadamente alto.
Creo que esto tiene muchos elementos que provienen de la fusión de razas.
Si hubiera racismo en Cuba
¿Era posible establecer el estándar hasta ahora?・ ・ ・

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