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Dancing Cuba 10 – Living Museum –

Havana, Cuba Old American car and people in the city
Photographs and texts by Masahiro Komachi
(This manuscript was serialized in 2001.
It is posted as it is to give a sense of reality at that time. )
Weekly Jarful Series 10th

-A living museum-

Recently, I often see Cuban images on TV.
Many of them picked up Havana,
Almost always in the cityscape
American cars from the 40's and 50's will appear.
It was during the pre-revolutionary Batista administration
Even after 40 or 50 years, he continues to run in active duty.
Of course, breakdowns are a daily occurrence. There are few parts now.
Moreover, Cuba has lost diplomatic relations with the United States.
My friend, private taxi in Havana
Someone is doing it. His name is Lewis
A genuine Havana kid who grew up in Havana for generations.
He is from his parents, and his parents are from that parent
I have inherited it and am riding a 1946 red Chevrolet.
Currently 55 years old Chevrolet.
Almost almost
Parts have been replaced, which is also in Cuba
It is made.
If you need from one bolt, make it by hand.
As you can see once you get on it,
The American car has plenty of space on the bench seat,
Even if you ride at night, distance meter, speedometer
-The light is dim from above, and it illuminates me.
The atmosphere is very nice.
Despite the fact that the radio is playing the current program
Plays an old-fashioned sound that feels like you have slipped back in time.
The scenery seen from inside the car can be said to be a scene in the movie.
So far, all the good things,
Actually, when it comes to slopes, there is no power
I'm being overtaken by the cars around me.
That's better, and if you're out of luck
They often stop before they reach their destination.
At such times, I often push them together.
Bench seats are good at first,
My butt hurts when I sit for 10 minutes.
One of the old-fashioned productions is a muffler with a hole
For old sound including the noise generated by the radiator
I can hear it.
When the friend picks up a guest
Come down and open a door,
When you get off, it comes down from the driver's seat and opens.
I thought it was a wonderful production, but the door was just broken,
There is a little trick that only he can open.
Havana has many such good old American cars running.
But recently, there are quite a few new cars made in Korea and Japan.
I feel that it is increasing.
I casually asked a friend. In havana
When is the oldest American car?
He has a taxi rider in Ford in 1908!
He answered.
The next day, I desperately searched for it, but I couldn't meet it.
So ... someone who is thinking of going to Cuba soon,
Do this continuation on my behalf.

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