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Dancing Cuba 05 “Konyo”

Cuba Havana Cigar-sucking father

Photographs and texts by Takehiro Komachi

(This manuscript was serialized in 2001.

It is posted as it is to give a sense of reality at that time. )

Weekly Jarful Series 5th


Havana consists of a new town and an old town.

The border will be Prado Street, which is the old town

The cityscape doesn’t change so much that I don’t know.

The old town has been a World Heritage Site for several years

Designated. When I visit Cuba,

Be sure to go to this old town.

It is said that the building is so attractive,

As far as the building is concerned, in other places

There are many older ones.

In such an old city of Havana, there are energetic people

I live so tightly that there are no gaps.

For me, like living hard for such people

When walking while putting the

The stress that has accumulated in Tokyo on a daily basis is released.

With a slippery head, you can speak Spanish in a fluent manner

Talking old man in this old Havana town

I got to know you.

The name of the father is “Mongi”,

I thought I laughed with a carefree smile,

Like a machine gun

I’m screaming.

When I think about it, I talk

When my mouth is angry,

With your right hand, the slippery head is called “Konyo”

Hit while saying.

I like the friendliness strangely, and every day

I went to see the father’s face like this.

By the way, “Konyo” is unique to Cuba.

It’s slang and has a lot of meaning.

When I’m surprised, it’s boring without love

When you do something (for example, trying to pick up your luggage on your desk

I used it to hit my elbow against the corner of my desk …)

Seems to do.

Also, when a beautiful woman suddenly passes in front of you

It’s a mistake to use “Konyo”

No (meaning insanely good woman in this case!).

When talking, be sure to do it about once every 5 minutes

I am very attached to the father who says “Konyo”, and he is

He comfortably accepted the unfamiliar Japanese.

It was the first time I watched Cuban baseball in 1994.

For Cuba, where there is a serious shortage, baseball is no different.

I was in trouble because I was short of balls.

Especially with foul balls, the ball flies to the audience seats.

Many people take it home with them,

The government made a special proposal for this situation.

The audience who took the foul ball

Exchange tickets and balls for dining at the restaurant

It is a measure to do it.

Looking at the audience seats, I really want to eat

I was chasing a foul ball with my thoughts.

Then, that old man was in it.

When I called out “Mongi!”, He waved with the same smile as usual.

I left the stadium about 6 times on the way.

After a few hours, in the evening, when I went to Old Havana,

Mongi speaks in the usual way.

“Why are you going home on the way …

It was amazing … “

I didn’t know what happened,

Mongi continues to be in the same condition,

“In the bottom of the ninth inning after you returned,

One of the spectators who was watching managed to play a foul ball

When I was trying to take it, I was too hungry …

What did you misunderstand?

I got it. Ahaha … “

At the same time, while hitting the slippery head with your right hand,

I said “Konyo”.

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